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I took this photo a while back when I “helped” put the sheep in the yards. (And by “helped”, I mean I was mostly just taking photos. Good thing we have a working dog who can’t get enough of pushing up sheep.)

Although it’s not the greatest, sharpest, most beautifully composed photo, I couldn’t resist sharing it because I just love how the light illuminates the clouds of dust.


Just another evening on the farm – trust me to turn a sunset chore into a photo shoot instead…


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Today I woke up to rain. After almost two months of baking heat, I actually found myself smiling out the window at the dark, damp, cloudy day. After making myself a hot chocolate (yes, it’s still 25 degrees out, but for some reason hot chocolate felt necessary in order to enjoy the rainy morning) I headed out to the home farm with Jamie because I didn’t have any other plans for the day. There were 90 sheep there that needed loading into the truck to shift back to our property.

By the time we got out there everything was soaking wet. But while soggy weather may deter people from working outside, the dogs could not have been more excited. We took the two best yard dogs to load the truck, Buckles and Rough. I love watching the dogs work – you don’t know focus until you watch a sheepdog in the yards. Nothing distracts them, not the rain, not any birds flying by, not even me hovering over them to get close up pics. Even after the truck was loaded the dogs wouldn’t look away.

Buckles and the sheep

Loading, watching, raining, lamb bums!

Roughy still watching the truck even after her job is finished.

I’ll say this much – I wasn’t much help seeing as I was taking photos the whole time… but the dogs did a far better job than I would have, anyway.

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