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While helping shift some rye seed from the silo to spreader the other day I looked up and noticed some fat black berries on a tree nearby. No, wait, not berries… olives!! Totally excited, I pulled one off, yelled “Look, Jamie, OLIVES!” and before he could say anything, stuffed it in my mouth.

Olives on the tree


For those of you out there who live in Mediterranean climates where olive trees are plentiful, you’re probably just shaking your head right now. For those of you who don’t, please take note: fresh olives are not delicious. And by not delicious I mean positively awful. I’m fairly certain it was the most bitter thing I have ever put in my mouth. I immediately spat it out and ran to the ute in search of some water.

Jamie was doubled over with laughter – he has fresh olive experience and to his credit was trying to warn me but I was just too excited. “You’ve got to cure them, Raine.” I felt humiliated by the olive tree and so, even though I was mad at it, decided that I was not going to be beaten and started to collect the rest of them off the branches.

Again, thank goodness for the internet, as a handy google search started me off in my 3-6 month mission to produce edible olives from the tree. It’s so far involved soaking the olives in water for 10 days, and then in a brine. After a few more days of soaking them in that, I’m supposed to jar them up and let them rest for 3-6 months until they are yummy. If all goes well, I will let you know the process I used. But there’s no point in posting it if I simply end up with aged undelicious olives.

I really do hope they work though, for three reasons:

1. I love olives. And I love things that you can make yourself.

2. My dad has a fairly large olive habit (read: $40 plus a month spent on olives alone) and I think he may be the proudest father in the world if I started curing my own.

3. Wouldn’t it be great if you could call yourself and olivier? Too bad if it’s not an actual thing – I’ll be the first.

My fresh olives


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