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I took this photo a while back when I “helped” put the sheep in the yards. (And by “helped”, I mean I was mostly just taking photos. Good thing we have a working dog who can’t get enough of pushing up sheep.)

Although it’s not the greatest, sharpest, most beautifully composed photo, I couldn’t resist sharing it because I just love how the light illuminates the clouds of dust.


Just another evening on the farm – trust me to turn a sunset chore into a photo shoot instead…


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I absolutely love the photos in the series Follow Me To by photographer Murad Osmann that I found today. I definitely find that my perspective hugely changes depending on who I’m traveling with (or if I’m solo), so it only makes sense that his girlfriend is a constant in each photo, I imagine reminding him of all the things he saw through her eyes, too.

As he’s a professional photographer, I can’t really get too jealous about the gorgeous grain and the HDR look that’s going on there – my little travel-ready, rough and tumble point and shoot probably won’t match up in terms of quality and artistry, but doesn’t it make for a nice series?

Makes me wish I’d had a ‘theme’ to some of the photos I’ve taken during my travels so they’d fit nicely together. Never too late to start, I suppose.

Photo above copyright of Mr. Osmann.

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