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I have to apologize for my absence.

There’s no excuse for it, really, but I’ve been a bit preoccupied with other things. I’ve begun a new job at a grocery store in a town a half hour from here, which has been keeping me busy. And then I’ve also been getting all the paperwork sorted out to apply for permanent residency here in Australia so I can continue to live here with my partner. We both know that with his family business there is no option for him to come back to Canada to live with me, but I couldn’t imagine going back home without him, so the next logical option was to apply for residency. All very exciting, yes, but also very hard. Not hard as in requiring a doctorate to complete, but hard as in complex, organizationally difficult due to our location (the middle of nowhere), boring (that’s right, I said it, paperwork is boring), homesickness-inducing, and stressful. And this is all prior to even sending in the paperwork – then it’s up to 12 months of waiting to find out whether or not I’ve been approved!

And to top it all off I’ve used up my supply of real Canadian maple syrup, which was a comforting friend when combined with pancakes on a paperwork morning.

I guess the worst part of it all is that I know if I’m granted permanent residency here it means I will officially be living life on the opposite side of the world as my family, which breaks my heart a little. But I think it’s worth a shot in being happy. I guess it’s just time to apply for a credit card that’s linked to Star Alliance airlines so I can at least be getting some flight points.

So that’s what’s been taking up most of my brain space lately, and I’ll admit I find it difficult to post on the lighter side of life when all life seems to be is a big solid wall of stress. But we’re almost at the end of the paperwork tunnel, where I can send it away and let someone in an office think about it for a while instead, and I’m starting to feel calmer again. So perhaps it’s time to pick up my head and refocus. Back to the simple and fun things in life.

So, here’s an update on the country life.

It’s almost winter here on the Eyre Peninsula and that means the boys are back out on the tractors, seeding. With the business’ acquisition of a new farm last month this means looooots of work for them. The good part about Jamie and his family is that they simply love farming and are excited to get some grain in the ground. But I know that the initial excitement of seeding will wear off, so I’ll continue to bring coffees and dinners out to Jamie on the tractor and hope it makes his hours more bearable.

The nicest part of it being almost winter here is that it means rain, and that means green. Grass is shooting up quickly on the property and even the barley and wheat is starting to shoot through the earth. My evening runs have been beautiful, with the almost-setting sunlight making all that green seem extra bright. Everything in my garden is bouncing back after the hot dry summer and I’ve planted new winter veggies.

Green grass against dark brown freshly sown paddocks, flanked by the Darke Range.

It also means lambs. It’s always nice to go for a drive or a run and to watch all the tiny little lambs out in the paddock. You can’t help but think they’re cute. Although this year I feel like I haven’t had a lot to do with them, it’s actually a good thing, it means there’s been no orphans. (So far… let’s hope it stays that way!)

The winter weather means the house is cold, and we have yet to fit chopping wood into our busy schedule, but for now we know the pub has a fire going every night so we can always pop in for a quick warm up. Everyone else in the district has this in the back of their heads, as well, which usually means the pub is a busy and social place to be, which is a welcome change after the emptiness of summer!

And – an added bonus of me working in a grocery store? Fresh food, all the time. There’s never a night now where I come home wondering what we’re going to have for dinner. I’ll start sharing recipes soon. Let the cooking continue!