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Half of the district, myself included, headed to Port Lincoln on Sunday for the annual Kimba Cup horse race. Always a popular day out for people on the Eyre Peninsula, this year marked the 100th year – so celebrations were in order.

Now, not everyone is into gambling at the races. I’m not much of a gambler myself – much to my man’s chagrin, because I’ll often pick a winner but never back it. But I still love going to the races. It’s usually just a beautiful day out with good friends, a few drinks, and fantastic people watching. The best part? Race day fashion. Usually there are gorgeous dresses, hats, and fascinators to admire and covet. Never have I experienced an event where people put so much time, effort and thought into how they appear. (This may be due to my upbringing in an adventure sports town, where the most you thought about your clothing was how well it was going to move and whether or not it was going to protect you from the rain or snow).

So in a stroke of forward-thinking genius, I recently purchased some feathers and buttons and ribbon and things to create the perfect fascinator to match my dress. See, the last few times I’ve been headwear-less due to poor planning the lack of hat shops on the farm.


Armed with my craft glue, I got to work. I used felt for the base of the fascinator, cut into a teardrop shape, and glued two pieces together and let dry on a upside down bowl to get a bit of a curve in it. Then I sewed/glued an alligator clip on. Then I got to work with the feathers – layering them based on size and colour, and sewing each one down individually. (I can’t say the back of the headpiece is very tidy!)

Once all my feathers were on, I painted a piece of lace that I had black (as my dress had a bit of black in it) and once dry, glued that onto the bottom, folding it over to cover up the fluffy bits and feather ends. Then I stuck the last of my cream feathers through the pearly buttons I had, and sewed those on, too. Voila – a fabulous fascinator that perfectly matches my dress!



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Here’s a sneak peak of what’s been keeping me busy the last few days… check back in to see it in it’s completion.


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