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Can I just say that it’s super weird that the Canadian cleaning product “Vim” is theĀ exact same as the Australian cleaning product “Jif”? I asked Jamie to pick me up some Vim the other day and he came back, so apologetic, because (and I quote) – “…all they had was Jif. Will that work?”

Actual laugh out loud. Yes. That will work.

Then I had to google it just to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. Why’d they bother changing the name between countries?

And please, no laughter that I just wrote a blog post on cleaning product. (What is my life coming to?!!)


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A lovely message found in the alley in Melbourne

It’s raining. This makes my veggie patch happy, the crops even happier, and the farmers’ faces happiest of all. Buuuuuut, this means that it’s an inside sort of afternoon. So I searched for some home-y things to do while it buckets rain down outside. Here’s a few links to keep even the biggest rain-hater happy until the sun comes out…

Save your spoons! And make these handy hooks. (I looooove hooks).

Loving this bird fabric.

Here’s instructions to create a pretty laptop sleeve. I wouldn’t be able to put our old laptop in something so nice, so if I were to make this I’d definitely have to buy a shiny new one to put in it, right?

An untranslatable alphabet? Worth a peek.

If only I had a block of dark chocolate here right now to make these DEEELICIOUS looking molten lava cookies.

I am in love with this hand-stamped pony dress!