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Not the classic I was hoping for…

I just read the most frustrating book. I’d only picked it up because it was passed on to me in a box of books a friend was getting rid of, and it was one of those books that looks like it’ll be a quick, easy read that would be perfect for ‘shutting off’ before going to bed. But at page 99 I still wasn’t sure what the plot line was, and the two main characters annoyed me. I kept going because I’m not one to put a book down, and I was sure that something would happen to justify the time I’d already invested in it.

No such luck. When I finally finished it, at page 247, I got grumpy. I actually asked my sleeping boyfriend, “Did I just waste the last week of my life on that?!” then chucked the book out the bedroom door. (The sleeping boyfriend woke up, confused.) The murderer was exactly who I’d expected it to be, the sexual tension between the two (maddening) main characters never went any further than a handshake, and the most developed character was a cat.

So I’ve moved on. And I’ve stopped grasping at random authors and stuck to the tried and true – the classics section. I mean, they’ve been keeping people entertained for years, so there’s a good chance I won’t finish them feeling ripped off. I chose One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest because I’ve never really been the Jane Austen type (no offence to all those people who are) and I wasn’t quite looking to commit to Tolstoy. And what can I say, I love a good book about psychiatric patients.

I’ve hardly even started, but I just wanted to say, I’ve gotten more character development in the first 10 pages than I did in the entire other book. Thank goodness for the classics.


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