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a little peek at what delights me

It’s valentines day. I’m not usually a huge valentines day person – other than my mom and grandma usually leaving a few beautifully foiled chocolates on my placemat to be found in the morning when I was a kid, I’ve never really ‘celebrated’. Usually a homemade card will do. This year I decided to step it up a little, and thought I’d bake up a present for my valentine. Mostly this was due to the fact that the chickens have been laying like champions as of late and we’re getting a bit of an egg overload – so when I came across these simply beautiful meringues, I thought it was fate…

What the meringues are supposed to look like...

What the meringues are supposed to look like…

Now, I took a look at the gorgeous French Meringues with Strawberry Ganache Filling on the Cafe Sucre Farine’s blog, glanced over the ingredients, and thought to myself, 6 ingredients? How hard can it be? Determined to impress my beau and in honour of St. Valentine, I set forth.

Yeah…. so turns out piping out the meringue is a bit tricky if you’re a first time meringue-er like me. It requires a bit of patience (something which I don’t have a lot of). I may have ended up with pink meringue coating most of the surfaces in my kitchen. At one stage I had to call Jamie in to help me hold my ziploc ‘piping’ bag open while I stuffed it full of the sticky pink stuff – all while he had his eyes closed so as not to ruin the surprise. In the end I was a bit deflated, as they are not as jaw-droppingly, impressively, irresistibly beautiful as I had anticipated, but at least they taste good.

valentine meringue

What I ended up with… laugh it up. I know you want to.

Luckily I’ve got the nicest boyfriend going and he totally ignored the less-than-beautiful look.

I did change up the recipe minorly by making them raspberry flavoured instead of strawberry. I also added some cocoa powder to the ganache because I wasn’t getting quite a chocolatey enough flavour (all I had on hand was cheap chocolate). But it didn’t seem to change the integrity of the ganache.

The one thing I will warn is that these are extremely sweet – delicious, but definitely sugary. If I were to make them again I’d opt for a bite sized version; I made mine a bit too big and I can only eat half at a time. Live and learn.

If you have patience and a good piping bag with the appropriate tip, I’d say give this recipe a shot. If not, maybe just have a laugh on me, and enjoy your valentine’s day.


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