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Delight and Things

a little peek at what delights me

For some reason I’ve been on a bit of a woodland creatures kick lately – I can’t seem to get the visions of raccoons and deer and foxes out of my head.

Here are a few of the lovely shy forest creature items I’ve found to satiate my appetite.

Shy Forest Finds

1. Animal wallets by sTiCkAlot. ♥  2. Painted antler from Etsy shop Madebycassandrasmith.  ♥  3. Elk Necklace at The Oxford (ships to Aus!)  ♥  4. Mugtail Animal Mugs at Connect.  ♥  5. A lovely watercolour painting of cotton on the branch at Etsy by AnneliesClarke.  ♥  6. Badger pillow by Fluffed Animals at Etsy.  ♥  7. Fox flats by Tory Burch.  ♥  8. Fox print dress at Asos.  ♥


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