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I’m one of those people who will follow roadsigns that may be going totally out of my way providing there’s the promise of fresh fruit and veg at the end. “Farmers Market, 15 km in the opposite direction” – sure. “Mango Man, 3 km up an incredibly steep footpath, this way” – I could probably use the exercise. “Community Garden, around the corner” – I’ll go for a look, just to see what other people are growing.

You can imagine my delight when I came across Colton Bakery on the drive back from a fishing trip on the west coast of the Eyre Peninsula over New Years. Well, to be fair, I didn’t just ‘come across it’. Most people who’ve lived on the EP for any length of time know about it, and I’ve driven past it once before when it wasn’t open. But this time, the timing was perfect – the open sign was out and I had spare change in my wallet. They had beautiful loaves and rolls in paper bags on shelves, and a small tin for money. “Everything is $4”. I left with a multigrain loaf and a bag of sticky rolls.

Colton Bakery, SA

I love the handwritten welcome sign, especially the comment “I hope the care and feeling put into the bread is reflected in the finished product” – that’s what I love about small roadside stands like this; they’re full of heart. There’s no harsh glare from fluorescent lighting, no sterile smell of plastics and cleaning products, and there’s no need to wait in a line for ten minutes to finally get served by a bored teenager who’d rather be checking Facebook. There’s just someone who likes making bread, so they make enough to cater to passers-by.

Colton Welcome

I’ll never be an amazing enough baker to have a roadside bakery. But it is one of my dreams to eventually have a little honesty box for veggies down at the bottom of my driveway. There’s one in Canada on the road to my parent’s cabin in the woods, and there’s something just so wholesome about it. I love the idea that someone’s surplus homegrown veggies could be someone else’s garden fresh dinner. I love the idea of having faith that people will leave a couple of dollars for said veggies. I love the idea of a handpainted sign and a little tin box with a hole in it for coins.

Every time I have to drive to town and back (an hour round trip) before 5:30pm in order to buy some not-so-fresh produce from the grocery store, my resolve grows stronger to become an expert veggie patcher (it’s totally legitimate to use that as a verb, right?) so I can one day help other out-of-towners like me who want a couple of fresh veggies but don’t have the hour it takes to get them. Maybe it won’t happen this year, but I’ll start designing my handpainted sign just in case.


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