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making hay, 2012

I happened across this article earlier today and had to click on it – the clever title made me smile and it felt all too relevant right now. See, we’ve been trying our darndest lately to grow a lawn in our yard – although with our water tanks getting lower and lower and the thermometer sliding higher and higher it’s been a bit of a careful effort – but the play on the popular saying caused my first reaction to be a chuckle and nod of my head to myself in a “so true” sort of a way.

My second reaction was that it was going to be a post expanding on the idea that out of dedication and effort, results will occur. I wanted to read it because it brought to mind a friend back home that is building herself her dream job because she couldn’t find it out there in the work force – and successfully, I might add. (Another idea that I just love – creating the job you want!)

But the post was not what I expected. Take a look – it’s a quick and thought-provoking read. The Grass Is Greener Where You Water It.

It turned out that it was about recognizing that where you spend energy, things will flourish – and this includes negative thought patterns. Instead of getting a lawn-growing laugh or an article to send onwards to my entrepreneurial friend, I got a peek into a mirror – yes, I, too, am a “catastrophic thinker” as the author says. And the problem is that I find it can sometimes get in the way of relaxing enough to have fun.

I’ve learned a lot in the past two years since setting out with a backpack on my own and I am getting much better at calling my mental bluffs (are you really going to get tetanus from a scratch that didn’t draw blood from a clean piece of wire, Raine?) but I definitely have a ways to go. It’s nice to read that other people do the same amount of sensationalizing the minor things in their life that I do. And it’s always good to get advice on how to be productive about it.

Hope someone out there benefits from this article – even if it’s just to remind you to water your lawn.


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