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When we read the weather forecast was calling for sunny and hot this past week, we packed the car and checked over Jamie’s dad’s boat and the three of us got in the ute and drove over to Smoky Bay for some fishing. It was so nice to have some time to chill out at on the boat, catch some beautiful fish, hang around playing cards, drink an ice cold beer after the heat and stink of cleaning the fish, and sleep under the stars.

But I’m not kidding when I said it was sunny and hot. With the boat we were lucky because we could get out far enough in the water that you’d catch a cool breeze rather than a hot one. But you couldn’t find an ounce of relief during the day on land – it was 45 where we were. And that’s on the coast. At home it was 50. Degrees. Celsius.

I’m Canadian. 50 degrees Celsius is something we imagine. That’s hotter than the thermostat goes. I didn’t think it possible to actually reach 50 degrees naturally, outdoors. The only way I can describe it is that it felt like the giant from Jack and Beanstalk was blow drying his hair with a giant-sized blow dryer up in the sky and accidentally dropped it. (At least our hair is frizz free…)

So needless to say, with me being away, my veggie patch is no more. I had set up a water dripper system not long ago but when Jamie’s mom dropped by the day after we left it wasn’t doing anything. It may be our gravity fed water pressure, or perhaps the heat simply melted the holes shut… I don’t know.

I came home to pre-roasted beetroots and carrots – at least dinner was ready without needing to turn the oven on. My flourishing zucchini plant was practically a pile of ashes, my beans and peas dry, crispy stalks. And all this through the shade cloth. The only thing that survived was the tomatoes which are situated in a shadier spot and were watered by Jamie’s mom who was nice enough to drop by morning and night to tend to them. (She’d called me at the beach and asked me if she should go over and water – I told her it was too huge a job and to simply save the tomatoes). I rescued one kale plant that miraculously had a single tiny green leaf on it – we’ll see how it fares inside over the next few days.

So. Lesson learned. Don’t go on vacation when it’s 50 degrees.

Ah well. I’ll plant my favourites again inside and try to sort out a better solution for outside. Hopefully it doesn’t reach 50 again any time soon.


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