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Delight and Things

a little peek at what delights me

These days most of the christmas wishlist toppers are things like ipods, ipads, and other igoodies. So it’s a bit refreshing to look at these vintage christmas ads that bring you back to a time when there were no ianythings to long for. From socks to pipes to cowboy boots, it seems christmas used to be about the simpler things in life – but glad to see that new year’s hasn’t changed. (That’s where Johnnie Walker comes in!!)

Kenwood Chef - 1930Interwoven Socks - 1945Kaywoodie Pipes - 1953Roy Rogers Cowboy Boots - 1956Johnnie Walker Christmas - Ad Classix

And in the spirit of using christmas for totally inappropriate marketing incentives… these are gold.

Chesterfeilds - 1941

Lucky Strike Santa - Ad Classix

Found these babies here.


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