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Delight and Things

a little peek at what delights me

Deep breaths are being taken – I’m jumping back into the world of blogging after a long hiatus since my university days. I’m not even sure what this site will end up entailing. I’m pretty sure it will be something of a collection of home projects, recipes, beautifully designed objects, cool campaigns, and the little things in my life that I find so charming.

But seeing as I have some finding of interesting things to do prior to posting said interesting things, I will start by giving you an idea of who I am. To sum it up? A Canadian design student who then worked in an advertising agency turned backpacker turned girlfriend of a Australian farmer. I’m now living on a farm in Australia and can’t quite bear the idea of giving up my passion for design and technology, so have battled to get kind-of-fast internet and a sort-of-working computer out in the bush (it’s no ADSL or streamlined MacBook Pro, however) and am hoping to keep inspired and connected via the web. Everyone who’s interested in keeping up to date with the things that delight me, read on.


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